eLicenser acting "wonky"

Using Cubase 10 on a 2115 MacBook Pro (i7, 16GB RAM, 2TB SSD + 2 Thunderbolt drives and one USB drive - Steinberg UR22 Interface.

I started with Cubase SX and have upgraded usually every other version since. I did just get the upgrade from 10 to 11 Pro while it is on sale but haven’t installed it yet. So now my issues:

If I launch Cubase without running the eLicenser software first, it tells me I don’t have a license for the software (Cubase, VST Collection, VST Connect, etc) and refuses to run them. If, however, I run the eLicenser software and let it perform maintenance on it, after that Cubase loads up fine and gives me no further problems (until the next time I use it of course). I got my original dongle back when I got Cubase SX if I remember correctly. One user suggested that I replace the dongle with a new one - so I ordered a new one today. After looking through this thread I am a bit concerned about transferring my licenses from the old dongle to the new. Is there a best practice for doing this, or should I just bite the bullet, get a Steinberg Tech on the phone and let them walk me through the process so if I screw it up they can fix it then and there? Just wondering. Thanks in advance!


The process is super simple and straightforward. Just plug both USB-eLicensers in and stag and drop the license in the eLCC application.

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Thanks. That just sounds WAY too easy. I am so used to everything to do with upgrading Steinberg products becoming complicated … THAT is a breath of fresh air! I’ll try it. Thanks again!