eLicenser activating problem Cubase5->Cubase10

I’ve been using Cubase 5 on a PC for the last five years.
I just bought a new computer and upgraded to Cubase 10.
What I wanted to do was simply exporting all of my projects from the old PC and transfer them to the new one, the problem is that I used my dongle to activate the eLicenser for Cubase 10 on the new computer, and now when I’m trying to open Cubase 5 on the old one using the dongle, it won’t let me do it because the activation code is not the same anymore.

How do I solve it?

Need to update elicencer database on old computer. It does not recognise the cubase 10 code. The database is in a folder called C:\ProgramData\eLicenser\eLD. copy the content to your old pc. Or use maintenance on the old elicencer.

Or just install the latest version of eLCC on the old computer.

Great I’ll try that