Elicenser and Halion Symphonic orchestra 1.x/VST Sound instr

There is no support from Steingberg when i send a e-mail, nothing further for a solution…disappointing
Well i must try further to figure this out why th einstallation of Halion Symphonic Orchestra VST not work for me

I try now toinvestigate the Elicenser
On the USB stick( USB-elicenser) are written 2 licenses

  • Cubase 6.5 educational
  • Halion Symphonic Orchestra 1.x/VST Sound instrument Set ( Steinberg,Experiation date : 2012-08-05
    But now how about the registration on the Steinberg site?

janamdo (1185755 5EAAB6)
Registered on: 08.06.2012, 09:53 Time 1 Single products, 0 Collection(s)
01.Cubase 6.5
Activation code: 02407CLEWQZMCBRLXTUKLI0013018675
Activated on: 05.06.2012, 17:01

WHERE Is the limited license for Halion Symphonic Orchestra 1.x/VST Sound instrument Set to find ?
There is no license for Halion Symphonic Orchestra 1.x/VST Sound instrument Set in mysteinberg to find?

Note: will this trial license also recorded om mysteinberg?

Stupid software…

Did you contact them via your mySteinberg account?
In the menu on the left “Support Request Form”?
They will usually respond within 48 hours.

If the license for Halion Symphonic Orchestra VST is on your e-licenser, then it’s not a license issue.
The license does not have to show in your mySteinberg account either.

If I remember your past posts before, you had an issue with HalionSonic SE not installing correctly, correct?

Have you tried reinstalling?
And when Steinberg support get back to you, tell them ALL your issues (including HalionSonic SE not installing properly).

Yes the issue is installing the symhonic VST in Halion SE in Cubase 6
Yes i did a reinstall
I make a reinstall again for th e lasttime and if that don’t work, i contact again
It is clear that it is not good documented on this Steinergsite…amateurs.

I can buy the full version of the Symphonic vst and perhaps this will work, but still i do want to use trial version first

slightly off topic…but i purchased halion sonic recently and then say that i could download the Halion symphonic orchestra soundset iso image file so i could demo the soundset for 60 days. BUt how do i acquire a trial license??? I cant find that anywhere on the steinberg site.

If it’s like the trial that comes with Cubase 6/6.5, then there should be a piece of paper in your Halion Sonic box that has a license key for the trial.

I did not get a trial license in the box… note that I only own halion sonic… didnt buy cubase…I’m starting to assume the trial license only comes with the cubase purchase.

I think you get a free upgrade to VST symphonic as owner of a existing Halion Sonic as i read it on the forum

Yes there is trial licence paper included when i got cubase 6.5…so i can use the trial for 2 months of the Symphonic soundset
But existing owners of Halion get a free upgrade( if i am correct)!–> this information is on the website to find

The Halion Symphonic Orchestra VST sound instrument set is not a free upgrade for Halion Sonic users or Halion 4 users.

This page:

indicates that the .iso download is provided becuase the HSO soundset DVD is not included with Halion Sonic or Halion 4. You still need to purchase the license to use it.

It appears that way.

You are sure about this ?, because i saw a another page on the steinbergsite with this informatiom…that it is a free upgrade for existing users of Halion ( itried to find the page back, but i couldn’t find it back quickly )

The only thing I could find is that it’s free for existing users of Halion Symphonic Orchestra.

Halion Symphonic Orchestra is a discontinued full virtual instrument (vs a soundset for the Halion family) that contained the sounds of the soundset plus 24 bit samples as well.

The full virtual instrument ran for about $500.

thx for the help guys… sigh wished i was gonna test it b4 buyin it… -___- dont wanna buy jus “another” string library…the factory strings in halion sonic are not all that…well i guess that was their plan…

In Cubase 6.5 trial there is trial for Symphonic too ?