eLicenser and license

I need help!

In time when i had a home rennovation i loose my first usb-key with a license for Cubase. Cant find it but still searching.
I have another usb stick (elicenser) which i recieved with order a cubase. Is ANY chance to transfer that licenses from old to newer usbstick? I can provide any information (passwords and email ) for support team if that will be necessary.
On “Mysteinberg” i have activated cubase in 2012. There is also a newer usbstib visible but there is no any info about transfer licesne etc… rlly need help with it.

I need get back ma Cuby :frowning:

You can’t transfer the licences yourself without having access to BOTH USB elicensers at the same time. Then you can just do it in the Elicenser control centre app.

If you’ve lost it you’ll need to speak to Steinberg support (who are in my experience very helpful with this sort of thing) who would give you advice - I’ve only ever dealt with damaged rather than lost dongles, so you’ll have to see what they say…

and where i can find someone from support? any mails? or chat?


I have found my dongle! Uffff :sunglasses:

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