eLicenser and macOS High Sierra

on my MacBook Pro I updated the system software to macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
When starting up Dorico I get a popup window, something like „the deceloper has to upgrade eLicenser“…
I had no problems running Dorico 2 Elements after the warning.
How should I proceed?

Dear k_b,
This has to do with the fact that the next systems will only allow 64bits apps to run on our machines. The devs know about it and there’s nothing for us to do, except update when le eLicenser will be updated!

Thank you Marc,
so it is just mentally preparing us for macOS 10.14 I guess…
(oh god, is this correct English?)

Mac users have been quick to condemn Apple when old software stops working, even if Apple has been warning developers for years that this will happen and that they need to update their software. By showing a warning to the user, Apple hopes that to inform the user of the need to update the software, and to deflect any anger when it stops working towards the third-party software developer.

(For instance, Apple removed the support for PPC code more than SEVEN YEARS after announcing the move to Intel CPUs, and yet this came as a ‘surprise’ to a number of major developers – FontLab, Intuit, etc – who still had not changed their software in that time. Their apps stoped working on new OSes, and all the users shouted “Why does Apple do this without warning!”)

Apple announced in June that 10.14 Mojave will be the last to support 32-bit apps.

wow 10.14 will still support 32bit :slight_smile: