Elicenser and "zero downtime"

Hi there,

I write this because I’m really frustrated by Steinberg and the so called “zero downtime” service. I lost my elicenser and had hoped for Steinberg to provide a service that puts me in a position to be able to continue working with Dorico (which the name “zero downtime” actually suggests). But in order to make use of this “service” you have to have an elicenser! So “zero downtime” really means “submit an order and wait for delivery before you can continue working downtime”. This is a disgrace for any self respecting software company that develops (admittedly great) software for professional clients! The use of a hardware dongle is very 90s anyway and I can’t think of another software company in this field that still relies on this outdated and customer unfriendly technology.

Don´t get me wrong, I still think Dorico is the best notation software out there but the use of this elicenser nonsense must stop. A couple of month ago I wanted to buy a second dongle for precisely a case like that so that I can have one dongle for the computer in my studio and the other for the laptop on the road (so I could continue working if I lost the “road-dongle”) but it is not possible to have licenses on two dongles!
I do understand that Steinberg wants to protect its software but this policy is going really too far because it is extremely user unfriendly and punishes the users who do pay for the software.

I am a Steinberg customer for 20+ years (Cubase and Dorico) and this is how Steinberg values my loyalty? This is not right.

Zero Downtime instantly supplies a 24 hours working duration license, which does have to be placed on a dongle, but Dorico uses a more liberal licensing policy, in that the license can be downloaded to a file on your disk.

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Sorry to hear of the problems you’ve been having, @Clemens4. I’ll send you a time-limited activation code by private message that you can use with the Soft-eLicenser on your computer to get you back up and running right away.