eLicenser - can you transfer licences

I have Cubase 8.5 Pro, was looking to buy the VST 2 Collection from someone that has licence for this on his own e-Licenser.

Could I transfer that licence onto mine, (his dongle is part of the sale, but for convenience sake…) meaning having it all on one dongle, or would I have to keep plugging in two?

Apologies, I expect this subject has been covered, but I looked and nothing came up.

Also, having registered my 8.5 license, would it be recoverable in the event of losing my dongle?


The seller should follow the instructions as listed in the resale wizard. After the seller does what is required by the resale wizard then you will be able to register the software in your MySteinberg account. The license would go on your USB eLicenser dongle. Now you would have the benefit of having an extra dongle if yours was ever to fail or get lost.


Look at these instructions regarding a lost dongle.


Regards :sunglasses: