eLicenser Communication Problem While Accessing The License Server


I started the Steinberg Download Assistant this evening in order to download the lastest update to Dorico. I saw a screen flash by that said something about eLicenser being updated. Now when I try to start eLicenser, I this error message:


I checked for a newer version of eLicenser, but I’m already running the most current ( How can I fix this error?

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There is currently a problem with our license server, our team is working on it. I’ll post here when the service is back to normal. Sorry for the trouble

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The server is running again. :slight_smile:

Update: Since Sunday, Feb 28th 10:00 UTC the server is running again.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you had.

Thank you, I can confirm that communication with the license server is working again. However, I’m experiencing some other issues with my eLicenser now. I’ll open a separate thread, since I believe it is unrelated.