Elicenser Control Center cannot execute maintenance tasks or activate my license

I’m new to cubase and have been using it for lees then 1 year started with 10.5 EL,I had no problems at all until I upgraded to 11 and are having the same problems as in this forum I have tried everything and have followed the step by step videos .
Downloaded me elicenser run as admin but when maintenance is launched I get an error,also my licence is missing from elicencer ,
I have checked my internet connections and looks good I will tray again today,any info will be great full.
I use win10
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Still no luck on activation is the elincenser server down?
If so how long dose it take as I had no problems with my first activation.
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I’m having the same problem today.
Tried on 2 different computers… same outcome.
Internet connection is perfect here…
Any help please?

Same same problem myself !!! I am stuck with my jobs! It is not possible to accept all this! Does Steinberg pay damages?

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Just saw this thread after I posted a new one on this topic a few minutes ago. Here is the statement I got from Steinberg:


thanks for that!!! been trying all day so it is explained
many thanks for the info

update the maintenance synchronization worked finally just now but when i enter my activation code to upgrade 10.5 to 11 i get another error
"activation code has been used already " i log in to my Steinberg account and it says under 11 UD not yet activated not shore why anyone had this kind of problem?
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You might need to contact support directly, Spkat, to find out what’s going on there. I’m sorry to say that you will probably have to wait a while for an answer as the unprecedented demand for Cubase 11 has led to a big backlog of enquiries.

ok i understand i will an email to support many thanks
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Hey guys, I have the same problem with not yet activated but already used activation code… Could you please tell me what’s the email of the technical support since I can’t find it anywhere?

Sorry to hear you’ve had this problem, HYordanoff. Please go to your MySteinberg page, and you’ll find the link to open a ticket to the appropriate support team for your country under the “My Support” tab.

When I go there I can see a list of International Steinberg Distributors and for my country it opens a completely different site. Should I contact them? I thought that there is a centralized support center for such technical issues.

Thanks for your help, Daniel!

I would recommend you try contacting your distributor in the first instance as they may well be able to respond more quickly than our own swamped support team just now. But if you get no reply from your distributor, you can email info at steinberg dot de, though please note that this email address is a general enquiries address and receives thousands of emails, so it will take some time for you to get a reply. I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

There is a massive internet communication traffic jam due to heavy amount of Cubase 11 activation requests.
Please wait for a few days.

Daniel hello,
By the name HYordanoff, I suppose the guy is my countryman from Bulgaria. Steinberg redirects the Bulgarian customers to the official distributor here
“Almar”. The people at “Almar” can’t really provide any support about software products, or Steinberg internal service problems. If we contact “Almar” on software issues, they have to contact Steinberg’s support, anyways… Since we are in the EU, would be nice Steinberg to provide us direct support contact via ticket system, or chat.

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Thanks for the reminder that (along with me) the Dorico development team are mostly no longer in the EU… :cry:

Leo, the team and you are no longer in the EU, but Steinberg, as a German company is in the EU, still the headquarter is based in Hamburg. :wink:

Best wishes :slight_smile:

I cannot believe people are having problems with the “beautifull e licenser”, it is the best and most awsome little app. I have ever experienced, and so usefull on-top! :mrgreen:

Hi Thurisaz, yes, you are right, I am from Bulgaria and I already tried to contact Almar`s representatives but unfortunately I’ve got no answer from them. Also, following Daniel’s advice, I’ve sent an email to the Steinberg support team but until now I haven’t got any response. I hope this issue can be resolved soon, since I can’t even try the new version of Cubase, despite the fact I already paid for it. :confused:

One more question, why don’t we have a button/option in “MySteinberg” account to delete some of the activation codes if an issue like that happens? My guess would be that this shouldn’t be as sophisticated implementation as it sounds?

just an update on my problem with activation of cubase11 i sent an email to support and also contacted them by phone I was told that i will get an email with instructions and so by the end of the day that was yesterday, still no email but hope i get one soon, I was told that I had purchased the correct update and they can see that there is a problem so fingers crossed!!!