eLicenser Control Center- No valid License found

Hi Reaching out to see if anyone can throw some light on a similar issue. On starting Cubase 11, I got No License available". Went to my Steinberg Account found code, cut and pasted, only to be told, “NO products on eLicense”. and sure enough USB license is blank. Cubase 11 is an upgrade from 10.5. and 10.5 pro was an upgrade from 9.5 artist . Doric SE has also disappeared,. Many thanks in advance.


Please, double-check, what you can see in your MySteinberg account. Can you see the licenses there? Start eLCC as administrator (if you are on Windows) and trigger Maintenance, please.

Thank you, Martin,

Resolved by Dominique Luc Pourrieras as instructed

  1. Uninstalled eLicenser, Reinstalled new download of eLicenser,
  2. Removed eLicenser USB and Powered down the computer.
  3. Restarted Computer
  4. Reinstalled USB
  5. Started Cubase
    Boom … and all is good again

Well good for you. The people running Steinberg don’t seem to have to ability to do anything on my situation of similar nature (albeit with other elic. program licenses.)
Does anyone know a way to get these people to actually do their job?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Please, start by describing your issue as detailed, as you can.

I have. I cannot get the, now third iteration of a ‘freshly bought from a proper licenser USB salesagency’ USB “eLICENSER” -labelled product which emits a red diode when in use, to THIS time, despite the laundry list of reconciliatory (run admin, restart after that, reinstall as admin permitting to windows to the machine in use, whilst cancelling all other windows computers ever used on the windows site therefore invalidating, given the interface on the elicenser executable indicates some acknowledgements (reddded out mp3 conversion - why red?), forgetting the important ones (Halion Sonic 3, Cubase Artist Series 6.5, Dorico 3.5 “middle range option”) and even somehow with reconciling the heck out of it with mySteinberg account, failure to see the aforementioned three expensive products.

Also, there is a page My Products which correctly even has the old “read:: broken elicenser” as I mentioned, greyed out as I expect, plus 8 completely unutilized soft-elicensers (still not sure what they are doing iterating if the first instance never was filled), and the current USB thing plugged into my computer with only, as said, the redded-out mp3 thing and a “somehow screwed up” validated but somehow not use-able Dorico Mid-Level (but can’t determine if its the pre-validation code or the post-validation code screwing it up because its not presentable on the executable nor the mySteinberg (I AM NOT A COMPUTER PROGRAMMER).

I have written via email the proper USA-support in patience (except this weekend when I was appropriately stern with the frustration this has caused) and never receive anything but confirmations of complaint received or in the past, in jargonese only a computer programmer would understand to praxis, some “laundry list of things which don’t clearly say ‘Do This then that whilst not doing a,b,…,z’”.

What is the idea behind your complicated language? Make it impossible for people of other countries to understand your problem?
Well done…
I don’t understand what your exact issue could be… maybe more than one issues?

There is a much more ‘programmer language fluent’ user here who seems to have a very similar, if not functorially (hey, everyone throws jargon out, I’ll use the jargon from my field - mathematics) an equivalent local presentation of a category of which consists of failed-to-be-resolved “examinations” on cases of Steinberg Products paid for licenses legitimate:


is the username and his main topic “[paraphrase] how the heck do you get these products to work?” is relevant in all aspects, except I know for sure I have Windows 11 with the most contemporaneous updates.

What are you implying? Use the translator from [etkearne’s English posts] to [st10ss’s language], and I can’t imagine it being particularly invalid of a translation. I again, am not a computer programmer, so if you mean programming language, I don’t know. I am a mathematician, and in that field generalizations are the goal, so I can recognize the ‘analogy’ with the other fellow’s post. And the word for the specific type of analogy is “functorial” which means it preserves structure but one can take the specifics and replace them as long as such structure is not inter-relatedly disturbed.

I can read English, French, and Spanish only, without a translation extension.

I hope that gets that cleared up.

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