eLicenser Control Error - Please connect to another USB Port

Since installing Dorico 3, I am getting random eLicenser Control - Error messages. The popup says “There is a USB communication problem. Please connect the eLicenser to another USB Port.” And “Options: - Click to abort.”
There is no option to at least save my work before shutting down and restarting the program. Once restarted, and with the dongle in the same USB port, the problem is gone until the next episode.
I can’t be sure that there isn’t some hardware issue with my system; but I would like to be able to save my work before the program freezes.
Any ideas?

Welcome to the forum, morton. I’m sorry that your first post here is concerning the USB-eLicenser! It sounds like you might need to replace your USB-eLicenser.

I got the same error when using Dorico3. Never got it before, and never got it afterwards. Simply switching to a different USB port as it says, when the error message popped up, did help before clicking OK. At first I thought it might be because of USB3 having less power output. I’m watching this thread, if more users will have the same error when using Dorico3 Elements.

I have this same error mostly with VSL, and some times with Dorico. I guess it is mostly a compatibility issue with USB ports and computers. The solution is usually to disconnect and reconnect the eLicenser, and then click OK to let the startup continue.

I’ve a bottle of great wine saved for the day when we will no longer have to deal with this st@*ip piece of fuzzy plastic.


Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps this is USB power related as musico suggests. I will continue trouble shooting (and pressing Cmd S while working) before ordering a new dongle.


Just to add, please continue using USB Dongles. It‘s far worse to depend on ‚Cloud Connectivity‘ and pray that all is readily available depending on where you are.

Just to add, please continue using USB Dongles. It‘s far worse to depend on ‚Cloud Connectivity‘ and pray that all is readily available depending on where you are. And no, business wise, it is not cheaper to run and maintain a license server, which can be hacked, taken down, malfunction which would impact all at once, etc. USB Dongles last for decades. At least mine, I got with my MI4 in the past.

I also have this problem with my laptop since Dorico 1. Changing the USB port doesn’t help either. The error pops up pretty regularly and I even lost some hours of work because of it. The only reliable solution was to buy a second license which doubles the costs for every update. So, like probably everybody here, I’m eagerly waiting for the new system that will replace the hardware dongle.

I don’t mind using USB dongles, ever since the days of emagic’s Logic I’ve been using them. It’s a safe, simple and reliable way to store personal licenses. I’ve had occasional elicenser trouble since Dorico 1 and have come to expect Dorico refusing to start up now and then. But after updating to Dorico 3 the problems have become almost intolerable. The program just won’tg start and it regularly takes up to 30 minutes, rebooting the system several times and whatnot after Dorico finally allows to boot and I can finally get some work done.
This is not a situation to continue and apparently I am not the only one who’s been experiencing this trouble.
And no, my hardware and software status is well maintained, the dongle is in one piece and otherwise working correctly…

Are you using a desktop computer? If you are, try extend new USB sockets directly from the motherboard of your computer.
Or, buy another USB3 or USBc or Thunderbolt_3 PCIe expansion card.
Use these new sockets for your eLicenser.

No, I am using a MacBook Pro and the elicenser issues happened regardless whether I connected the dongle to a proprietary usb socket or via a dedicated and independently powered USB-buh.

What solved the issue right tonight at least for now was downloading the very latest version of the eLicenser Control Center (eLC version and doing maintenance on the dongle and keeping the program open while starting Dorico 3.

Let’S see whether this is permanent or whether the trouble might return…

To whom it may concern: I can now say that the workaround outlined above has permanently solved all problems with the elicenser or the audio engine not correctly booting upon start-up of Dorico.

UPDATE after two days: Unfortunately the solution did turn out to be NOT permanent. The known errors returned after two days “elicenser error, USB communication problem” etc.

Here we are the 30th of June. It’s been nine months since I first raised the question of intermittent problems with the eLicenser Control - Error. JE CRAQUE excuse my French. I hoped 3.5 would bring a solution. Sometimes I can just click OK, not change ports, and keep working. Sometimes I have to click on the OK button many many times before the app returns to normal. Sometimes I have to say to hell with my deadline and go pour a glass of wine. I’ve gotten in the habit of hitting Save so often, the letter ‘s’ is no longer visible on my keyboard.

Dorico is so good. There must be a way to stop the program’s incessantly polling the USB port without creating a danger of piracy, non?

Daniel wrote about this at length last Thursday: One License, two Computers?!? - like Sib... eeehm... the other Program ;-) - #11 by dspreadbury - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

Despite the things that Daniel wrote, we are currently also in the process of updating the eLicenser Control Center (and underlying subsystem) because that is responsible for all the eLicenser errors that people experience, it’s not Dorico’s fault.
The new eLicenser Control Center is currently in beta and close to get published unless we find a showstopper. If you can wait a few days or a week, please wait. If it is seriously hindering you from work, please write and we’ll provide you that beta (at your own risk).

@pianoleo: sorry for the noise. I didn’t read that thread becasue the subject (one license two computers) didn’t apply to me.
@Ulf: I’m not afraid of betas as long as I can roll back; but I got the job finished just now and will be out playing for a week so I can wait and be less of a bother. Thanks for the offfer and your help.