eLicenser Control - Error

After installing Cubase 6, I try to open the program but receive this dialogue:

"Application ‘Cubase / Cubase Artist’ has caused the following error:

Unknown GetInfo command received:


  • Click to abort."

When I click ok it comes up again and again 10 times. Then it says “No valid licence found”

I have activated with the code in the box and it said it was successful. Cubase 6 shows up in License Control center.

Cubase 5 is working without problems on the same computer!

What is wrong here!!??

I’m on a Macbook pro i7 2.66 ghz, OSx 10.6.6, Apogee Duet, Cubase 6, etc…

I also checked Wavelab 7 - opens as it should!

Btw, how do you add a signature in this forum? Can’t find it out really.

Maybe a reinstall of C6 will do the trick? As for the signature, it can’t be done inside the forum. You have to go to MySteinberg and there select ‘forum’.

Luck, Arjan

Same error here. How I hate this copy protection $hit

My old cubase 5.5 works. So it cannot be the license or the stick. Also all show up fine as registered, even on my steini

I am not sure But I Advice you to update the License database within eLCC
If that doesn’t do the Trick Maybe Validate License Usage Periods Might do the Trick
I had A Similar Problem When trying to start VST SIS HSO in HALion sonic within Cubase 6
And after doing this it doesn’t give the error anymore
So the Problem Might be that the License Database is not up to date and doesn’t support Cubase 6 yet
or something Like that …
If you keep getting this error I advice you to contact Steinberg by use of your MySteinberg Account

I understand that Installing the latest version of eLCC seems to solve the problem

However Some People were not able to post this here after there Registration of Cubase 6
So I Like to advice the People at steinberg HQ to take A Look into this Little Forum Related Problem as well

For some reason I wasn’t able to post in the Cubase forum after installing Cubase 6 until now…

Everything was solved when I updated the dongle drivers just as DjRavix describes.