eLicenser control-error

Hello I have upgraded cubase 12 pro from 10.5. Installed on new iMac apple M1 Series. which does not use usb license dongle. C12 opens fine, but I am getting error. Pls take a look at the attached image…Thanks

You still need the dongle for the mentioned software license.

Thanks Steve, The software is updated with new key after it has recognized the old 10.5 key. Application works fie but when I open the new project or the application I get that after toggling try retry or cancel few time it opens the project ….Thanks

Your project is using the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip plugin, which is part of the Basic FX Suite supplied with Steinberg audio interfaces. As @steve implies, the licensing for Basic FX Suite remains on eLicenser and has yet to transition to Steinberg Licensing.

You to make the USB or soft eLicenser containing your Basic FX Suite licence available on your Mac in order to make this problem go away.

Thanks for your response, This make sense . I still have the usb eLicense. Transferring from there would be difficult, cause new Mac has usb c ports. If you have any idea, Pls let me know….Thanks

For now, you can get a simple USB-C to USB-A adaptor to plug in your USB eLicenser. Alternatively, use a USB-C hub, docking station or monitor that has a USB-A port. It is worth having a USB-C to USB-A adaptor or a small USB-C hub with a USB-A port when you have a USB-C only computer, as you never know when you need to connect a USB-A device such as a thumb drive. I like the USB-C hubs with an Ethernet port, so that you have the ability to connect to a wired network.

Steinberg will eventually transition all their products to Steinberg Licensing, but they have been clear this was a 12-18 month project. They started with the Dorico 4 release back in January. Since then, Cubase, Nuendo and WaveLab have moved to Steinberg Licensing. The first migration of existing licences from eLicenser to Steinberg Licensing without a paid update is due to start in the next few weeks when those with WaveLab 11 licences bought before the recent move to Steinberg Licensing will be able to move their licences. Once Steinberg has refined that process, it seems that their next target is their instruments, with Groove Agent 5 and Backbone on the list to move to Steinberg Licensing and HALion/HALion Sonic seemingly headed for a paid update. Beyond that, they are well aware that there are many other products to move, and I suspect Basic FX Suite will be high on their list of targets bearing in mind every Steinberg audio interface purchaser has a licence.

Thanks David, I will use a usb hub, That should resolve the issue. Thanks