eLicenser Control software is too old

Found a lot of posts about this but haven’t found a solution yet. I’ve never had Cubase on this laptop, just purchased 10.5 Artist and a dongle.
Installed Artist, was prompted to enter my license key (which is 25 digits) into the elicenser panel (which accepts up to 28 digits so I don’t use them all) and am told

the currently installed version of the elicenser control software is too old. I’ve downloaded and installed the most recent version ( and that hasn’t helped. I’ve run both the elicenser directly as well as Cubase which launches elicenser.

I’ve also run the mtainence as I read was suggested in another post.
I’m on windows 10 x64

Any ideas what I’m supposed to do next?


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in case anyone else gets stuck on this…

I contacted support. i had to take the 25 digit number I was emailed, log into a steinberg account, register that number which then gave me a 28 digit number that i had to enter into the elicenser. that worked.


Did you have to mores code them so they could fax you and you could login with your dial up account?

Why don’t they bring the download and licensing software into this century?

I would prefer to get a root canal than update Cubase. It happens every time, there are endless complaints, why dont they fix this already?

Most software in the last two decades when you boot it, asks you if you want to update, you click “yes” …done. No 12 steps or contacting support for 28 digit numbers…

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Thanks, Robr! I had this problem and your solution worked! I agree w Martyess- I’ve been using Cubase Pro for over 10 years and their whole license/registration is the absolute worst, totally stuck in the late 90s…

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I did all of this, ending with me getting my new 28 digit number and trying to reactivate and it says that I have already used that code.

All I had to do was reinstall software one time… why do they make it so difficult?

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Yep - They are painful. I just went through the process and the following worked for me.

So, after updating your eLicenser software, head over to your account on the Steinberg website.

  1. Go to: My Products > Reactivate License, click yes, delete from old device(or whatever it is)
  2. Go to eLicenser software, click Registration > Soft eLicenser > Copy to clipboard
    3)Go back to the website ‘My Products’ and then click ‘reactive’ using the Soft eLicenser to link the product code to your computers ID.
  3. Enter in the new serial provided into eLicenser once you have completed the above-mentioned steps.
    This is the best I could explain, I hope it helped!

dude this worked thanks!!

OK so I’m not the only one that noticed how awful their licensing process is. Holy crap that was bad.

No, you’re right rbaz. The elicenser in my opinion is completely outdated and full of trap doors. There’s a boatload of really good software on the market that doesn’t rely on such a convoluted licensing method and that doesn’t suffers from hacking.

Why does Steinberg insist on trying to force feed a dead horse? I never had any problems with it AFTER I finally got it to work. I hate it! And God help you if you lose your dongle. Get your credit card out.

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Dude! Thank you so much!

This worked for me, my god… what a hassle…

That was it - very helpful. Thank you!

Hey, thanks for the cool tips! Which support link did you use?

Hello I had also problem with entering code in to eLicenser Control Center, but don’t do it.
Open Steinberg Download assistant and insert your code there like on picture down below.

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just wanted to thank you for this thread, and the immediate resolve :grin:

and to those that are listening and care for feedback, why does this happen when I update to 12.052 ? not a great user experience that is almost panic inducing


hi, after enter my download access code, it added the latest cubase le 12 to my product downloads, but , when it downloaded , it failure to install becase my macos is too old.
so how can I manual choose the old version cubase le, ie cubase le 10.5 .
I can’t update my macos because complicated reason.

Thanks, it worked. Verry dissapointed in Steinberg though. This BS shoult not be necessary. An hour of presious studio time is gone.