eLicenser crash - Cubase 5.

Hallo :slight_smile:

Yesterday i tried to open my Cubase 5 and suddenly this message showed up( I have uploaded a pics where you can see it)

“I have install the newest update for my Cubase 5 and the newest update for eLicenser control center”
“And I have never replaced my USB key licenser from my computer or anything like that”!

But when my eLicenser crasht, I think I were in panic and I couldent find my activations code for Cubase 5, so for some stupid mistake I registered Cubase AI 5 on MySteinberg, which is been deleted now, so after I registered my Cubase 5 on Mysteinberg.
But when I look on MySteinberg it looks like, it can find my USB-Licenser, and if i try to enter my activations code in the control center it says the same thing about my USB licenser? Uploaded pics)

Seriously I have no Idea what I should do? Because it all seems so random, because my Cubase 5 allways has workt find. Somebody please help me?

Best Regards Mike.
home site 3.JPG
Activations 2.JPG