eLicenser crashes when attempting to register

eLicenser crashes when I attempt to register my downloaded copy of Dorico. This was crossposted on the Facebook group as well, but no solutions have been made public and I thought I’d try here too. I have the crash logs and everything in a zip file, I just don’t know who to send it to.

I’m running Mac Os 10.12.1 Sierra on an 11 inch mac book air.

(I’ve never posted a software forum before, so if there’s any other information that is typical to provide please let me know.)
Dorico eLicenser crash stuff jhuntmusic.zip (56.5 KB)

I’m very sorry you’re having this problem. Another similar thread has already been started here, which you can read here. I will pass your crash log on to our eLicenser team to see if they have any ideas.

Actually, I just looked inside your zip file, and there are no crash logs in there: can you please check the contents of ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports to see if there are any actual crash logs, which end with the extension .crash, in there?

Note that ~/Library is your user-level Library folder. See this Adobe knowledge base article for various methods to make sure you check the correct folder.