elicenser database unavilable [SOLVED]


I have just updated to Cubase PRO 9 from 8.5, when I do elicenser maintenance I’ve got a message explaining the elicenser database is unavailable, do you confirm too ?


yes I got the same message… what gives

same here…

For me the eLicenser error message states that a link cannot be established with the server. Perhaps they are overloaded?

wansn’t happy at all with the upgrade price and now this…

the daw’s with better value for money in terms of free updates for such features also don’t require all this eLicencer crap!

I had that similar problem. The solution is to find the elicenser on steinberg website and reinstall. Cubase 9 comes with 10.3 version and latest is 10.4 on website.


Just give it a few. Likely overload from first day release. It took me a couple tries.

I have Cubase 9 showing up on my USB stick and I performed a maintenance numerous times. Shouldn’t it show up in My Products on the Steinberg site?

Did you register it there?

Tried again yesterday night, everything works well. The server was certainly busy.