eLicenser does not show license in MacOS lion

Hi everyone!

I’m running Cubase 9.5.4 On MacOS Sierra, my elicenser version is 6.11, I need to open a project on MacOS Lion and Cubase 7.5 but elicenser version 6.5 does not show my Cubase license, it shows the USB elicenser but the content says unknown license

I need to open it in that specific version due to my session uses hardware that only runs on Lion (UAD1/LiquidMix32)

¿how can I use my USB license on older versions? ¿is that possible? ¿do I have to purchase a license for that specific version?

Thanks for your help. I’m lost here

You Need to update the License database / and / or the eLCC software, on the old Computer, though that might not bee too simple on Macs sometimes.