eLicenser dongle - Migrating Cubase SX1 PC to Mac

I have an ancient license on Cubase SX which i want to use, because really there is nothing a modern Cubase has that I really need. Now i have 3 Problems:

  1. No install discs, just the elicenser usb dongle. I managed to find some install discs online for PC a few years ago, but have not found any for Mac. I am looking on eBay, but so far I have only found original Cubase SL discs for sale. Can I still get the discs from an official source, or do i need to keep searching on ebay/torrents?

  2. The license is set to PC but I want to run it on an old Mac Mini Core 2 Duo. Can I legally transfer my license between the platforms (PC to Mac) so that the dongle will work? I did a quick test a few years back and got some kind of error message saying ‘this Cubase license is for PC’

I realise this is a product no longer supported, but I want to have a fully legal install on my spare mac without spending lots of money.

Check with support, they might have an install disk iso you can download. But be forewarned, SX1 will probably not work on a modern Mac OS, even if you can get it installed.

It will run on Snow Leopard, so should be fine. Will try support to see if they have any links. Thanks

Sorry but for you to say that you’re either very misinformed or you do so little with your DAW that you might as well be using freeware. Modern Cubase is much faster and more intuitive than any version of Cubase SX. Maybe you use Cubase just for audio or just for MIDI, maybe just to play synthesizers… Modern Cubase does all of that much better. The MIDI timing is better than in the SX 1 days too.