eLicenser end-of-service and Halion 6

Hello everybody, I just found out about the elicenser end of service. I own Halion 6 and I’m not thinking about updating it at the moment. I understand that as long as my computer does not break or I change it the soft elicenser should be ok… But in the future will I be forced to update? Or will I be able to use my libraries through Halion Sonic?
Also in the case I lose access to this Halion 6 license because of the end-of-service, will I be able to do the upgrade anyway?

Also I guess that the update to Halion 7 means that any project using Halion 6 will have issues. Do you think that from now on I should use my libraries with Halion Sonic 7? Let’s say I’m starting a new project where I need to use Hot Brass or World Percussion, do you suggest me for future support of this projects to use them through Halion Sonic 7 and not the 6 anymore? My thinking is that if I lose the license of 6 and cannot reactivate it, the library would be correctly opened if I purchase Halion 7 since it is part of its license… correct me if I’m wrong.

That is correct, as long as your Soft eLicenser is valid you can use the licenses on it. However, as you say, if the computer changes or breaks you will lose the Soft eLicenser, because it is just some piece of software stored on the disk.

If you want to be a bit more secure you could buy a USB eLicenser and move the licenses from your Soft eLicenser to that stick. If your computer fails you still have the licenses available on USB, until that piece of hardware breaks sometime.
Be aware that this move is also only possible until the service goes down.

Only until end of service next year. As soon as the service is shutdown you can not upgrade anymore. This is documented in the support article


The safe way ahead is to update to HALion 7 before the eLicenser end of service and make sure that you redeem the update Download Access Code fully.

After updating to HALion 7, you will still have a HALion 6 licence on eLicenser and can continue to use HALion 6. However, you will be able to move to HALion 7 if you lose your HALion 6 licence for some reason.

You will not be able to use your HALion 6 content with HALion Sonic 7 if your HALion 6 licence is unavailable.

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Thank you very much to both! I’ll maybe wait for a sale before the end of the year and update then so I can be on the safe side…

If you like it and use it, you’ll update eventually, so might as well do it now, or like you say, at the next sale.

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