eLicenser end-of-service questions

Hi, I’ve just read the article “eLicenser service closes down in 2025”, but I’m still unsure about a few things.

I have Cubase 8 Artist on a USB dongle, and I have an extra dongle, in case my current one breaks or gets lost. I would like to upgrade my Cubase to the newest pro version soon, so I get the discount (preferably 40% off). But I would also like to be able to use old versions of Cubase (11 and below) that require USB dongle.

I’m assuming, that after I upgrade to the newest version (from current version 8), that my USB dongle will get a Cubase 11 license. And after that I’ll be able to use Cubase 11 and below, using my USB dongle, after 2025?

Right here eLicenser Service Closes Down in 2025 | Steinberg it says:

Question: “What happens if my USB-eLicenser gets broken or is lost after the eLicenser service is shut down?”

Answer: “Please contact support for an individual solution. Please note that we can only offer a solution for eLicensers registered in MySteinberg.”

But then it also says: “You won’t be able to move a license from one USB eLicenser to another.”, which seems a bit contradictory and confusing.

The way I understand it is that I can only move my license from 1 dongle to another before 2025, and after that I can’t. But if something happens to my dongle, containing the license, after 2025, then they can still help to transfer the license from my broken/lost dongle to my secondary dongle?

Or am I misunderstanding something?


EDIT: By the way, my license is registered on my Steinberg account.


This is also my personal understanding (not an official statement!). The users can move the licenses by themselves untill the eLicenser is still up and running. After the switch only Steinberg representatives will be able to do this (even though, I don’t know how, if the server is down).

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You may well know more than me, but I suspect the bespoke solution will depend on what Steinberg has at its disposal. They might temporarily be able to supply a replacement USB eLicenser for a fee, but eventually, the supply of USB eLicensers will run out. At that point, the solution might be “sorry, bad luck” for those who have already updated to a Steinberg Licensing version of the application, whilst those who have not updated might get a discount code to buy a replacement full licence.

@Aleque - your best bet is to update to Cubase Pro before the eLicenser end-of-service date, so that you can move forward as you wish.

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Thanks for the replies, guys. I just called Steinberg support, and they said, that they are still undecided on how exactly they will handle those cases in the future.
That is, cases involving older versions/licenses of Cubase on old USB dongles. My concern is that something happens to my USB dongle (and the old license that is on that dongle) and I will be unable to transfer my old license to my new, empty, spare USB dongle, that I recently bought.


I totally agree.


I’m pretty sure that will not be possible after the service is down. You should really update and not hope something magic will happen.