eLicenser error message

When I open either Wavelab 8 or Cubase Pro 8.5 I often (although not always) get the following error message:

eLicenser Control- Error

"Application ‘eLicenser Runtime DLL’ has caused the following error

USBDeviceOS_Finish expected but received"

I have updated to the latest eLicenser Control Centre and also ran the maintenance cleanup but I still get the message often. However there doesn’t seem to be any impact on either application (or at least I haven’t come across any yet)

I am running Win 10 Pro 64 bit build 1709

I’m simply reporting this as the developers might want to know since so far there doesn’t seem to be any impact on my system. I tried to do this on the eLicenser web site but ended up on a merry go round that ended up at these forums.

This could mean that your eLicenser is dying. It’s a good idea to buy a new one. All you have to do is connect your new dongle to your computer, and drag and drop your licenses using the eLicenser Control Center.

If you’re still using the Cubase SX 1-era dongle (very long, blue), then replacing it with a new one will also make Cubase perform considerably snappier.

Thank you. Yes mine is a long and blue one. But when I look at one of the suppliers it looks the same or similar to mine:


Does this one look like the current one?:


Thanks very much for your help

These are the different eLicenser models:

The two to the left are the ones that are most likely to stop working. The first one is the one that has performance issues.

If you’re able to contact that store via email, ask them if they have an eLicenser with this box:

Will do, thanks again Romantique

Thank you - I have purchased the latest (short) eLicenser dongle. I have plugged it into the computer after removing the old one and started the eLicenser Control Panel but my licenses aren’t there (except for one software license which I don’t even know what product its for)

So how do I get my licenses onto the new dongle?


You have to connect both eLicensers to the same computer and drag and drop them into the new eLicenser.

Yes sorry all sorted - thanks so much for your help

Sorry to hijack the thread - is it possible to hold the license on two dongles for two computers - its a pain taking a dongle place to place?

Not currently, but this might change in the near future.