eLicenser error VST Connect Pro


I have just installed Cubase 8.5 and I get this error:

Isn’t VST Connect Pro with Cubase 8.5 when you install the program?

No! VST Connect SE is included in Cubase Pro! VST Connect Pro is a advanced Version!

But why do I get this error?

Did you start VST Connect PRO? Start VST Connect SE instead.

Getting the same message here also?

You get a message from VST Connect PRO as the message clearly states. SE will not expose such message.
If you have installed a test version of PRO, make sure to uninstall it and to select SE from the menu.

Ok thanks!

Ok had to force quit after getting the message again but SE version did show.
Last question. Is there an uninstaller available or do I have to go into my plugin folders and delete Pro?

If you did a regular install the regular uninstall procedure should be available

Thanks so much.