eLicenser error when running cubase 11 pro

in the morning i used Cubase 11 Pro and everything was fine, i finished and closed Cubase and i left the computer on desktop without running programs at the background.
at the evening i tried to run Cubase 11 Pro and got 2 messages at once, one of them says:

Your system finger print is not valid anymore.
The systems’ hardware configuration has been changed!
Soft-eLicenser ‘SeL 304298**** - 09FEDE***’ and stored licenses have been disabled.
Hardware eLicensers are not affected!
Please contact your software vendors’ support department for help and reactivation.

when i click ‘OK’ its loading cubase as normal.
i’v got USB-eLicenser
is this a problem in my License?

It’s not a problem with the licenses on your USB key, the error refers to the so-called SeL, which resides on your hard drive or ssd.

If you open the Elicenser Control Center you should be able to see what it rrefers to.

when i open the eLicenser Control Center without Administrator permission there is a red mark on the Soft-eLicenser and a message that says i have to repair the Soft-eLicenser, when im trying to repair its failed with a message that requests Administrator permission,
when im running eLicenser Control Center with Administrator permission there is no red mark and no errors… but the error keeps showing when im running cubase 11 pro.

Assuming you are running Windows?

Make sure you have the latest version of eLicenser and it’s is not running when doing this.

Rename c:\ProgramData\Syncrosoft\SeLicenser.sel to something like SeLicenser.sel_old.
Now start eLicenser as admin. After it opened without error close it again.

Now start Cubase11. It should not give you anymore errors now.

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That helped alot, thank you for that solution.