eLicenser error when trying to update from Cubase 10.5 to 12

hello, I Bought an upgrade form cubase 10,5 to cubase 12 but I can not activate it via e - licenser it always show an error after several minutes of processing :frowning: how can I fix this, I tried all what I found but nothing works :((

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Can you be a little more specific about the error? Could you take a screenshot?

Hi , i bought an upgrade, ( i already used cubase 12 for 29 days as a trial) now i have pending status in my activation manager but when i want to activate it everything goes perfect until the final stage (e licenser cubase 10,5 license upgrade it took 5 minutes and after that i see only error) i tried also a “manual” attached to pending status but nothing works i know i have 30. days to solve the problem but its really frustrating thx a lot

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hello, I read here on the forum that new activation code can fix this, how can I get the new one ? thx a lot