Elicenser expired?

Hey everyone, I’m not sure if this will make me seem like a total idiot or not but please help me out. I’m new to using Cubase so after Cubase Elements 7 arrived at my house I had no idea that I needed an Elicenser usb in order to get it to work, I only found this out after installing Cubase and entering my activation code. I bought an Elicenser usb yesterday and downloaded the updated Elicenser control center but it seems that the MP3 encoder expired on the 5th of april. I’ve included a picture in case I haven’t described it well enough. I’m not really sure what to do now, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Cubase but that didn’t work. Again I’m sure this is a pretty stupid mistake to make but if anyone could help me out it’d be greatly appreciated, I just wanna make some music!!!

Hello and welcome to the Board.

I deleted your attachment, not recommendable to post a screen-shot showing your serial numbers publicly.

It is not necessary to have a USB-eLicenser in order to authorise Cubase Elements, although recommended.

However, neither the USB-eLicenser or Soft-eLicenser show an active license, you possibly still have to use the activation code provided with your purchase?

P.S: The MP3 Encoder license was not included in Cubase Elements 7

Thanks for replying, hahah I thought that would be an issue thanks for deleting it. I’ve tried the activation code a few more times but it still takes me to this screen?


the message “No license to upgrade selectable” means you are using an update or upgrade code, but no license to update / upgrade was found on the system.
Also, the Trial license you have there is for WaveLab Elements 7, it looks like you have installed that software instead of Cubase Elements 7.
Please, let me know the details of your purchase via PM and you MySteinberg account e-mail address, if you have one already.