Elicenser fails

my elicenser keeps failing on step 6 of 6,the part where its sending elicenser information
i have latest version
any clues?
im on cubase 11 pro

i just noticed along the left,i have usb elicenser,and when i highlight it, thats where cubase pro 11 is,
on the left below usb e licenser is soft elicenser,when i click on it thats where halion sonic,retrologue padshop etc are.
is this where they meant to be? or should they all be in the usb elicenser part?

You can move them to your USB eLicenser if you want, but I would strongly recommending against attempting that while you’re having this issue.

Step 6 is “Sending eLicenser Information”. This could be a connection issue, or something in your computer might be blocking this information from being uploaded to the eLicenser servers. Try disabling any third party anti-viruses, firewalls and VPNs.

thanks for reply.
my connection is fine on the pc,
if i take the elicenser out of pc and put it in different pc and try and see if it will complete step 6 will that cause any probs?
i.e is it ok to do it on different system that cubase isnt on?

Yes, you can insert on another computer. No problem doing that. Install elicenser software there first and insert the key.