eLicenser gets stuck at Online Sync And Maintenance

I didn’t know where else to post this. Steinberg is the eLicenser entity so forgive me if I’m intruding here.

I’m on a Windows 7 Pro system with all the Windows updates. AMD Phenom II X 4 965 Processor 3422 Mhz 4 cores. 32 GB RAM. This machine is one of 5 computers in a large Vienna Ensemble Pro composing rig. It runs Hollywood Strings. I’ve not had problems with it in the past.

Yesterday I installed the East West Installation Center (probably a mistake) to update PLAY and HW Strings and its installer installed that, plus all the PACE stuff for the iLok used for the East West libraries. After that, I couldn’t get Vienna Ensemble Pro to open.

I opened up the eLicenser Control Center and it opened with all the panes blank - no error message. I had to force quit with a shut down. After starting back up, I downloaded the latest eLicenser installer. After installing that, I opened the Control Center, and it showed all my eLicenser assets, and wanted to do maintenance. Online sync and maintenance looked normal for a while but after about a 5th of the way down on the progress bar, it stops. It was still doing the light flash left to right on the current green bar, but it makes no further progress after 30 minutes (I’ve never waited that long).

So I force quit with a shut down again. I restart. I make sure there’s no Windows upgrades I don’t have. I uninstall the East West Installation Center, PACE, eLicenser and Vienna Ensemble Pro. Restart.

I then reinstall the ILok Manager (which also installs PACE for the iLok) and the eLicenser Control Center. All my assests are seen on both my iLok (via the iLok Manager) and the eLicenser. I click on maintenance again and here we are about 30 minutes later. It’s stuck again about a 5th of the way through.

I’m going to let it run, go eat and chill for a few hours and come back. The iLok and eLicenser have coexisted happily for a couple years. I can only think the new East West Installation Center messed up something, but it’s no longer installed. If any of you have sage advice I’d certainly love to hear it. Thanks in advance!