Elicenser going bad or usb ports?

Hi all,

My elicenser dongle fails (“no valid license found”) about 1 time in 10 when starting cubase and seems to be failing more frequently. each time, I move it to a different usb port, restart my pc, do the elicenser maintenance and it will begin to work again. There doesn’t seem to be a certain port that is bad, just moving it back and forth makes it restart. Does this seem to be a problem with my usb ports, drivers, or is this a symptom of dongle going bad. I’ve had it a long time.

thanks -

Impossible to say - I get a very occasional blip with the elicencer, not 1 in 10 though- maybe 1 in 1000. I also had a crash in the elicencer software the other day, which I’ve never seen before.

I would expect the ‘unplug it and replug it’ and reboot to fix it as the driver will reinitialise. Are you on the latest version of the elicencer software, it’s updated fairly regularly ?

Depending on how paranoid you are (!) it’s worth having a spare elicenser around and it’s very simple to move your licences across.

Thanks, Doctor. This seems to be increasing in frequency and of course when I have critical work to do that must get out the door. I might just take your advice and buy an extra. Yes, everything is up to date.