eLicenser gone...

I had my laptop with me during some traveling. Now as i unpack it seems i lost the usb hardware key. It seems these keys are sold as, Strindberg e-license, or something. Are these compatible with my cubase 8.5?

„Strindberg e license“ are not compatible with anything. Steinberg USB eLicenser is what you are looking for. Just buying a new USB eLicenser will not work though but probably you know that. If not there ´s a lot to be found on the Steinberg site.

Thanks for chiming in so brightly

I bought an elicenser from a local vendor, while doing so they asked me to contact support, “just in case”.

So I submitted a ‘My Request’ in hope of getting help. Well. nothing, not even a ‘hold on please’. Just, nothing… Is this common for Steinberg?

Is it hard to activate a new eLicenser? Should I just get it done?

It’s not clear what you’re asking. If you had a Steinberg.net account and you registered the USB key, look up Steinberg Zero Downtime.

The lost eLicenser is registered, I bought a new eLicenser and while doing so the vendor (local vendor) told me to contact the Steinberg support. So I open a support ticket with this topic, telling them that the vendor urged me to contact support before doing anything. This was a week ago…

Any advice from anyone here with experience from losing an eLicenser and activating a new one?

The support finally answered to my query. Albeit dreadfully long answering time. It was pretty straight forward, something like this:

  1. Access and activate the temporary ZeroDownTime activation code.
  2. Contact support via email with a short explanation of the situation.
  3. Use the activation code provided via email, by the support.