Elicenser is not responding

I installed ilok to install ssl plugin, after the installation cubase dos not open.
When i open cubase ut says that no valid license found.
And the elicenser is not responding and dos not show my license.
please can some one help me?
cubase 11 on mac m1


Are you talking about Cubase Pro or Artist, which needs the USB-eLicenser?

Is USB-eLicenser still plugged in? Could you try other USB port?

Had the same issue with Cubase 11 Pro and WaveLab 11 Pro after installing source-connect by source-elements with iLok.

Uninstall e-licenser, open Steinberg Download Assistant and e-licenser will be automatically downloaded and installed again with new vc-redist.


If this is the case, I would recommend to download eLCC application directly from the web page and install it manually.