eLicenser Issue After Windows 10 Update

I ran the Windows 10 Creators Update yesterday and now my Cubase 9 won’t load. It says “Soft-eLiceneser doesn’t have enought permissions to run properly. Please run LCC to fix this problem.” What is the LCC? Also the message has two typos so should I be suspicious?
eLicenser LCC.jpg

This happens after each of the major Windows 10 updates. Just run the eLicenser Control Center “as Administrator” – right-click and select More > Run as Administrator. You only need to do that once. LCC was the former name of the eLicenser Control Centre.

hi! i have the same problems after windows 10 update… i did that you said and nothing happens. then i delete elicenser and i download the latest one,i activated it, but the problems are still there. Is there anything else to do; thanks George

Log a support ticket via MySteinberg.

just, for information only. .I read about the problems with win 10 all over, they ruin work, make chrashes, and freeze fo programs, You cannot do real work anymore with Win 10 .Please ! someone give us a now O.S win will forever be a Beta software .

We have an article on this topic here: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/206083744-Windows-10-upgrade-or-update-disables-Soft-eLicenser

This might be of help. Had this problem myself: cubase would not launch and eLicenser got stuck on maintenance. Tried uninstalling old and installing latest version of eLicenser. Still had problems. Turns out windows update had installed a microsoft driver for the usb 3 port. Uninstalled this and installed the manufacturers latest usb 3 driver. Then installed eLicenser and [important] run as admin and did maintenance successfully. Been rock solid ever since.
I do now dread windows [10] updates every 6 months and I am always nervous about cubase annual 0.5 updates as well. I wish these system glitches could be ironed out by having some sort of agreed protocol between microsoft and steiny …
Best of luck - I know how you feel.

Could you tell me the usb info windows indtalled so I can uninstall it please? Its screwed all my software not just cubase🤬

I am having the same problems and it seems to be caused my a win update that makes my USB ports not function properly. How did you figure out about the driver updates on your USB ports?