eLicenser issues - Cubase 10.5 Pro

After 2 days of rough operation after update, Cubase won’t even launch now due to elicense errors. I only have 1 license on it, Cubase 10.5 Pro.

I’ve done maintenance on the licenser, everything comes up OK. I leave it up while I launch Cubase, and the licenser goes blank saying “reading elicenses” and just freezes. For a while I was getting at least 8 errors at launch. Cubase Artist has caused erorrs, etc etc… I’ve never owned Cubase Artist. Then ARA Service, then Audio Alignment, then Media Service… error after error.

How can I fix this devil dongle?

I don’t know the exact answer, but maybe this can help you get started troubleshooting- This sounds like a hardware problem, either the dongle itself or a some kind of USB malfunction.

Not likely USB, this is a brand new system. I have updated everything on this rig, running MSI X570 Creation mobo. Cubase 8.5 was working flawlessly, it was only after the update that things got messy. I am using the dongle I got from Cubase SX, so 2003 or something? I guess I could replace, but odd that it just started acting up now.

So, I ran out and purchased a new dongle. I transferred the licence over, fired up Cubase and everything worked! Too early to say if this is the end of the issues, but it’s a good start, and first time I could launch Cubase since 5am.

Awesome. 17 year dongle, that’s almost as long as my Volvo. :wink: