eLicenser license transfer question


I just bought a used/activated Dorico Pro 3.5 license via USB eLicenser transfer (USA → Germany). Two questions:

  1. I have sync’d the licenses on the USB stick with my Steinberg account. However, the license shows a registration date in 2012 and no activation code when listing the licenses under “My Products → eLicensers”. Is that normal? It’s not that way for all my other licenses.

  2. I have transferred the license to my previously owned USB eLicenser successfully. Does this transfer imply that the license has been checked and verified against Steinberg’s license database? Is that enough of a proof to assume that this is actually a valid license?

Thx in advance!

It wouldn’t be possible for any Dorico license to have a registration date in 2012, as the software was not released until 2016, so that date is probably either for something other than the Dorico license itself, or is a red herring.

If you have a valid Dorico Pro 3.5 license on your USB-eLicenser, and you can run the software successfully, then you should be all set. Make sure your USB-eLicenser is registered in your MySteinberg account for additional safety.