eLicenser - metal like iLok3

I note that the new iLok 3’s metal construction, where the USB connector is intrinsic to the metal housing, is nice, small and solid.

I’d like to see a new eLicenser in metal and of the same build quality. The plastic eLicensers tend to disintegrate over time.

Honestly I wish they would just switch to iLok. Would make my life a lot easier. But they own Syncrosoft so that’ll never happen. sadface.

Yeah let’s switch to a piracy protection method owned by one of the greediest companies in the industry… And has been cracked recently.

Note that Steinberg released a smaller USB-eLicenser model some time ago, and so far I’ve not heard a single report of it breaking.

Thankfully, iLok’s not gonna happen. A metal / aluminum eLicenser would be sweet though.

I’ve got the newest ones and they still disintegrate. The fundamental advantage of the new iLok design is that the unit is one metal piece, with the connector and electronics housed inside the single, unified unit. This is an advantage over connector and electronics housed in a physically separate plastic case.

Really? Got any pictures?

No, but the old ones were just peachy.

Here’s a report of it: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=518993#p518993

+1 for a stainless steel eLicenser. I’d even pay premium for a titanium one :wink:

I would prefer it as an option only, because iLok3 - 50€ vs eLicenser -23€. I don’t travel with my dongle, it’s inserted into the back USB slot of my PC and I have no reason to touch it. And frankly saying I don’t feel like paying extra money just because there are people which are not creative enough to find a simple way to keep their stuff unbroken. No offense.

+1 for an option to purchase a “premium” eLicenser but, please keep the lower priced one available too.

Regards. :sunglasses:

They will have to do a USB-C connector based version sooner or later.

+1 for metal usb dongle

A metal USB dongle to keep my investment safe would be great!!

No iLok key please!

They force you to get their protection plan.
If you do nit do it and your dongles dies, all you licences are gone.
(it happend to me)

I’m +1 for a much stronger / metal elicenser key.

Lesser of two evils. And honestly, if Syncro had a similar protection plan I’d buy it for more peace of mind. I’ve heard much worse horror stories directly from colleagues who had Syncrosoft (Steinberg) keys die and software manufacturers not willing to reissue licenses. At Least iLok is more consistent in this department and is more likely to have your licenses covered, even if it means shelling out for their highway robbery insurance. That’s only one of many reasons I mentioned the hope of Cubase going iLok. Not to mention how often the Syncrosoft drivers have stopped working on Mac causing panic. Never had any major issues with iLok drivers over the years. Plus they already have a metal dongle on the market.

Anyone else?

+1 please Steinberg a metal elicenser