eLicenser phased out by 2025

I read the information regarding phasing out the dongle by 2025. I have tried to follow the directions, but the access codes all end up with the following message: “No License to Upgrade Selectable”.
Screenshot 2024-05-28 095020
If I open my eLicenser I see the following licenses:

But I own Cubase Elements 13 and HALion 7:

I am very concerned based on the language used in the conversion directions that I will loose access to software I paid for.

Which directions specifically? Please provide a link to precisely what you followed.

Steinberg Licensing: Upgrades from eLicenser-based products – Steinberg Support

Of course they do, your eLicenser screenshot shows that your Cubsae 11 has been upgraded already. So nothing more to upgrade available here.

Even after upgrade you can use the software on your USB eLicenser as long as the stick works, it simply needs to be attached as usual.

Cubase 13 is licensed via the Activation Manager, the new Steinberg Licensing, your last screenshot shows the Download Assistant.

So what exactly, out of the full document you linked, is a problem for you?

I did not see all of the software I owned on the eLicenser. I was concerned that I could not transfer the license. But from your comments it appears as though the software is activated through the Download Manager, so I am good.

No, it is the Activation Manager that is doing the Activation. That is a different utility and is installed on your computer.

Thank you. I’m sure this is quite logical but I am finding it very confusing. I want to be sure when the dongle is no longer supported I do not lose access to my software.

Well, so long as your dongle functions, the older software using the dongle will function too, it won’t need the server. When that goes (USB dongle), then you are done.
Anything v12 and above uses the new licensing, so that will continue to work.