eLicenser problem after hardware changes

Hello there!

To make long story short…

Last year 2019, i purchased Cubase 10 pro (USB), installed it on brand new pc, activated it and it worked good. After the short time my computer stopped working so i had to send it to the service. They`ve changed my motherboard and SSD. Computer worked again but from that time on i have issues with my eLicenser.

When i click on usb elicenser it says:

  • Cuabse 10 pro
    - All applications (Steinberg non-movable remaining time: 13h 29 min 14 sec

It seems Cubase work and its activated but my apps are not, for ex. if i open Groove Agen 5, it says that its not activated. I`ve tried several thing as suggested at steinberg help center but no luck. :frowning:

I would really appreciate the help, for i am really struggling with this.

Thank you, Tilen

Hi and welcome,

Is the All application the only one license stored on the USB-eLicenser? No Cubase license there?

Be aware, Groove Agent is not part of Cubase license. Only Groove Agent SE is.