eLicenser problem for Cubase 10.5 Artist upgrade

Hey everybody, new to the forum here. I’ve been using AI 6 for a few years now and just bought the upgrade to Artist 10.5 today. eLicenser is giving me problems with validation.

It recognizes my activation code, but when I continue it gives me the following message:
“The license upgrade you are about to perform will only work for licenses which reside on a USB-eLicenser. Please transfer the license you want to upgrade from the Soft-eLicenser to a USB-eLicenser (using drag-n-drop in the main window), then try the license upgrade process again.”

When I go back to the main menu, no drag & drop is allowed at all. I have downloaded the updated eLicenser control center and I have repeatedly tried ‘maintenance tasks’ of all types.

The version of AI I’ve been using came with the audio interface. Does this mean I need to purchase a new eLicenser for this program?

Hi and welcome,

You need a USB-eLicenser for Cubase Artist license. Buy one by your local Steinberg dealer, please. Then plug it in, transfer your Cubase AI license to the USB-eLicenser first and then activate the upgrade license, please.