eLicenser problem

Each time I boot, and try start cubase (5 or 6) I get “eLicenser error - No license found”

When I look at the USB dongle, there is no light.
I unplug and replug the dongle, the light comes on, and cubase starts OK (after I lick “retry” on the dialogue)

It’s very annoying since this every time I reboot, and the USB slot is round the back of the machine so it means crawling around on the floor…

Any suggestions?

I have tried searching for “no valid eLicensor license found” but the forum won’t let me - it tells me the “search term is too common” WTF?

Since the eLicenser is not working properly anymore but still can be read after unplugging, i think it’s time to buy a new USB dongle and transfer the license while you still can.



Well, it could also be a “power-saving” setup option. Please be sure that you don’t have enables some kind of USB power saving options.



Aha yes I think that was it!
I changed the “power management settings” in device manager for “USB root hub” for the port, and it seems better now.
Great :slight_smile: