elicenser problem

Try the following steps:

You still seem to have your old Activation Code. Go into your MySteinberg-account and click on “Add software”. Now select “Cubase” and enter your old Activation Code. Afterwards, your old eLicenser should be registered in your account. Click on the eLicensers-tab and select the “Reactivation-button” of the eLicenser. Follow the guide and eventually you will receive your new Activation Code.

Hope that helps.

thank you Makumbaria
i will send them

thaks fabian :slight_smile:
once again there is no “Reactivation-button” after enter Activation Code

just delete regitration

no admin
( admin message :- Sending me links to threads in private messages is not going to get you any help (at least not from my side), please have in mind that this is a users for users forum, we might chip in from time to time but mostly we do only moderation.

no support - did not respond

no anybody can help me

I can not believe that , steinberg does not care about their customers !!!

I’m really surprised