eLicenser question on updating

What is the best way to update my eLicenser?

Should I uninstall and reinstall the new one?

Or should I just overwrite the old one.

Been a while and I couldn’t find any documentation online.


You mean the “eLicenser Control Center”? Or something else? If it’s that then I think you can just trigger the update from within that app.

Yes exactly, the control center. It makes me download a new version . Currently I’m

No need to uninstall the old version first.

I’m reading that both ways… That I need to uninstall and that I don’t.

Can you please say specfically If I need to or not. Thanks


No (you do not) need to uninstall the old version first.

Much appreciated… Thx for the clarification.

I have just purchased Cubase Elements, which arrived in a sealed box. The download was good but when I try and download the E License I keep getting faults with the final update box telling me that several parts of the download have failed. When I do get to the end the E Licence already has a disabled licence number displayed. I have tried deleting this number and updating etc but it persists. I have the new Activation Code but when I put this in and press the enter button, the old disabled number reappears. I’ve tried everythng and am getting nowhere. Can anyone help?