eLicenser question.

Hello All,

I’m sure that this may well have been asked before, but we all know how well this forum’s search function works …

My question is this: When one downloads an eLicenser control application from Synchrosoft, are you just downloading a software/driver that installs on your computer and does NOT change anything on your dongle, or does it sometimes update the dongle as well? I’ve noticed that older versions of the eLicenser specifically made a point of NOT having the dongle plugged in during an install, while the newer ones say just the opposite and tell you to make sure that your dongle IS connected.

The reason I ask is because I’ve got everything humming along pretty well right now on my main DAW, but I want to install on a secondary computer as well, and when I go to install the latest elicencer on that computer, they’re telling me to make sure that my dongle is connected. Now I’ve had my share of heart-stopping eLicenser worries before where I thought that I had screwed up my licenses, but I’d always recovered. I don’t wanna go screwing around if there’s a chance that I could corrupt the dongle - the secondary computer is not a necessity.

Thanks in advance.


AFAIK, it doesn’t change anything to/in your dongle.



Well I couldn’t ask for a more credible source. Thanks Fredo! I shall proceed fearlessly.


downloading and installing the eLicenser Control Application does not change the content of any connected eLicenser at all. During this process a USB driver, some runtime modules and the eLCC viewer application are
installed on your computer.

The difference you mention (have a USB eLicenser connected or not) is related to the way how the USB driver is installed, and a recommended way to have the related hardware connected or not. This process was changed to make the installation process more safe.

Anyway, you may run the installer on as many computers as you want or need without changing the license content at all.


Much appreciated Timo and very good to know - thank you!