Elicenser registration online in steinberg.net

just tried to register my usb-elicenser on the steinberg website but it says it has already been registered by someone else !!

i bought the license myself and it is brand new, so this is not possible.

how should i proceed ?

Do you want to register a license or a usb licenser?

Do you want to register a license or a usb licenser?

the usb licenser i have already contains several software licenses i purchased many years ago, all of them can be seen from the eLicense Manager on my computer, and now i just want to register the usb e-licenser online in my steinberg account.

Did you buy the USB-elicenser new or second-hand?
If it was new, maybe you had already registered it under another Steinberg account?
If it was new and you had never registered it before, only Steinberg Support can help you - preferably by phone (Steinberg usually does not respond very quickly to written inquiries…)

btw: we are here in the German-speaking area

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i purchased it completely brand new, but i have no other steinberg accounts.

and the annoying fact is that i cannot find any other support method from the website or after signing-in to my steinberg account, or looks like they will only take my request after i register the eLicenser but that’s where the problem exists.

thanks for listening and your prompt reply, i’ll see if i can dig it through elsewhere.

Here you can find the tel numbers
Contact support – Steinberg Support