Elicenser server closing down in 2025?

SEE THIS YOU TUBE MOVIE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cICcAs530A&t=3s

In the unlikely event that I would want to go back to WL9.5, I already have two independent licenses and associated USB dongles. And I think this is what the Steinberg notice was about: make sure your USB dongles are in good order and consider strategies for managing that eLicensing going forward as you will be on your own.

:grinning: It is funny that the notice was never posted here…

It came up on my social media feed (Steinberg)

regards S-EH

Thanks!!! I never saw that announcement. When was it posted on this forum? I see it was a general announcement but nothing here. I would have thought that PG or others would have mentioned it. FWIW

I found it here…


regards S-EH

It is also a reminder that you cannot use eLicenser licences for updates and upgrades once the eLicenser server has closed down.