eLicenser Server Down?

I have been trying to activate a new purchase, and I keep getting the error about not connecting to the license server. I have turned of Windows Firewall, have the latest eLicensor, and have tried Maintenance but get a “connection to the license server could not be established” error.

Can anyone verify if the server is down? The system did self upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary edition, but I would not think this would apply with the latest eLicensor edition.



I wonder if elicenser is really down right now…I can’t access mysteinberg, also doing maintenance and register a license. Everything working alright before. This happened after Win 10 update.

elicenser installed and run as admin. Can anybody confirm about the server status? Many thanks.

After this update you should reinstall elicenser software…not sure this is your problem, but give it a go.

EDIT: Actually maybe it is the server. Am trying to run maintenance to test and it’s frozen mid process.

It’s down at the moment, apparently. (Sun 9/25/2016 at 1:48 PM CDT)

Glad that it’s the server and not the PC :sigh

Can’t access mysteinberg as well.

Thanks for the info… hopefully it will be back soon. I am using my 8 hours of free access now!

Just perfect. The only time in months I needed to deal with it and 3 Groove Agent content purchases and it’s down. I can’t even get the 2nd and 3rd downloads now. My Steinberg account sign-in ALSO appears to be down…

Me too, haven’t use it for a long time. I’m going back home rushed just to install Nave and it’s down.

Is there an ETA for when the eLicenser server and MySteinberg are going to be available?

Just bought Wavelab and cannot register it. I get an error message, connection to licensing server could not be established. Interesting, buying the software no problem. Giving them money will always work. How about we get something back in return (; At least tell us when something is not working. Leaving people in the dark is uncool - especially if they think its a problem on their end and spend ours trying to fix it!

Dood relax…

I grew up in a time that the internet didn’t even exist. Feel privileged that this is even a possibility. Good lord…Chill the fook out and eat a pop tart or a $7 latte from Starbucks.

Just wondering if anyone can confirm the server status, I’ve been trying since late afternoon to activate my Cubase 8.5 upgrade. Frustrating is a suitable word.

To avviano- I hear you, it’s pretty unusual for the server to be down, you just got lucky. It’ll probably be back up soon. Something serious probably happened to precipitate the outage.

It is still down

rebooting a server shouldn’t take that long.

chances are this wont get resolved until monday morning…when the admin comes to work.

Obviously the licensing server is down, but the login area to MySteinberg didn’t work either. I got a Typo3 error message (Oops, an error occurred!) trying to log on. So license activation and product download isn’t working - for now anyway.

The text below the error message certainly had somewhat of a cynical ring to it: “TYPO3 CMS is an open source content management system. To maintain the quality of the system and to improve it, please help us by donating.” Maybe Steinberg should donate to Typo3 or invest into something more mission critical (; I am sure Jimmy will also see the humor in this. We all agree that this can happen. But it is still a bummer when it does, especially on a “Steinberg Shopping Spree Sunday” (Absolute 2, Wavelab 9 and 4 VSTs at 30% off).

I hope Steinberg will be able to fix it on Monday. Thumbs up and hoping my activation codes didn’t get obliterated in the unresponsive cloud.

I can access MySteinberg now, but still can’t access e-licenser.

Wouldn’t you think a company of grown-ups might be able to have a dedicated link where we could just go to check server status, or is that too obvious? :wink:


Seems to be down right now, but eLicense manager is not freezes when trying to connect, I’m clicking in the send information menu in time to time to check if the server is back or not.

I just purchased some products yesterday and I can not work, I’m a bad luck person.

BTW one question to the community,
This problem is quite common?, if yes, maybe I need to consider to check the server before purchase any product, I’m not feel safe doing things with the USB key connected, I’m concerned to break my dongle due to some error in the process.

Windows ran some update that rebooted a dozen times and took over an hour. The update hijacked all my default apps and linked it all to Edge browser. I so hate it when that happens! I had my own default apps for a reason! It seems to have reinstalled all sorts of drivers too. It also reactivated dozens of ‘cloud services’ that I went to a lot of trouble to DISABLE and claims that now my system is ‘more secure’ with a ton of online services that I do not even use running in the background.

Today I can’t get anything Steinberg to work :frowning: It all complains that elicenser can’t run due to improper permissions.
I thought I might could at least work with some other DAW and plugins…while they ‘work’ the months of performance tweaks are now GONE and I’ll have to start all over.

Thanks Microsoft for undoing over a year of work without asking!

So much for working on music projects today.