eLicenser Server

Just picked up a USB eLicenser so I can transfer my licences before I leave on the road. Can’t transfer it though because it says the license server is currently unavailable.

Is anyone else having trouble connecting? I’ve got less than 12 hours to transfer these over or I’m hooped!

Me too. Getting this:

A connection to the license server could not be established, because the license server is currently not available (e.g. due to maintenance work).

Down for maintenance, I believe; just try again soon and you should be fine.

Thanks, good to know it’s not just me.

Note to self. Make sure license server is running before going through upgrade process. Still down.

Has anyone got any idea when it will be up and running again? I just bought a new Audio Interface and upgraded my Cubase, and now i can’t activate it. Kind of annoying to pay premium prices to only get server problems.

Still down for me - 1 day later. I’m using a MAC OSX v10.7.5 if that helps. Error is:

A problem occurred which prevented the information from being transmitted.

Please make sure that your computer has access to the Internet and try the online registration again later, or contact your software vendor’s support team in case the error persists.

Error Code: ‘1003’.

Yeah, this is insane.

I’ve now completely uninstalled all my cubase products for a seamless update when the activation server works again.
Please don’t hesitate to tell me when it’s up and running again.

See following thread: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=181&t=52968

I have been having the same problem for 2.5 days now.
This is ridiculous. All they need to do is provide a good server for us over the christmas. all the customer service lines are out for the holidays and it just sucks!!

I just purchased Arturia’s V Collection which requires elicenser to fully complete the activation and im stumped sitting here for days waiting and waiting. I just want to make music, not waste my time with no answers,no solutions. BRRR!

I ran a maintenance on elicenser and here is what im getting…

The ‘Online Synchronization & Maintenance’ procedure finished. Some problems occurred. Details are listed below.

Step 1: FAILED (Updating eLicenser License Database)
Step 2: OK (Repairing Soft-eLicenser)
Step 3: OK (Validating License Usage Periods)
Step 4: OK (Cleaning up eLicenser Memory)
Step 5: FAILED (Recovering License Transactions)
Step 6: FAILED (Sending eLicenser Information)

Any answers Steinberg???

just got mail from steinberg… were back in the game!!! server is up again…