elicenser start up problem

Hi there i downloaded the cubase pro 9 demo and once i hit install i get this problem with the elicenser

Try right clicking the installer and running it as administrator.

Also keep in mind that the trial requires an USB-eLicenser, but the lack of one shouldn’t cause this issue.

Still same problem Windows 10 64x lets hope this doesn’t happen when cubase comes friday

3 CRITICAL things to check:

  1. Does your Win10 have ALL the latest updates?
  2. Have you applied ANY “optimization” tweaks (i.e. blackvipers are notorious for breaking windows)
  3. Did you download the LATEST elicenser from elicenser.net?
    (It might be that the demo still includes an older version)

Downloading updates now

not working still

Your windows is current? 1607 with all the updates?
Did you download the latest elicenser? (Which you install seperately, not by the Cubase installer)
Did you remove the previous elicenser install?

The elicenser from www.elicenser.net should install standalone.
Are you on an administrator account? Or limited user account?
Any 3rd PTY anti virus running? Like Mcafee or Symantec?

Windows up to date downloaded latest elicenser tryed to install seperately still got same problem i uninstalled Mcafee i dont know i give up i got the installer through email along with Activation code

Just run trouble shooter works now by the way thank you very much for your help really appreciate it and thank you to Romantique Tp also

Was it Mcafee?

i just uninstalled it then run troubleshoot but i got cubase artist today same problem even with the disc
saying its missing a dll :cry:

Which dll does it mention?

All working now very happy