eLicenser Strange Behavior

Hello all: Question - Any time I open Cubase, I have to open up the eLicenser app and let it perform maintenance before Cubase 10.5 will open up properly. If I don’t, Cubase will give me the dreaded you don’t have a license for this software message. I got my eLicenser dongle back when I first purchased Cubase SX many moons ago. Should I order a new dongle? If I do, will all my license info transfer over to the new dongle. Everything still works, it’s just a pain in the butt to have to go through all that every time I want to record something. Especially when you get inspired and want to get that idea down quickly. Any suggestions? I seem to remember having a conversation with a Steinberg tech support years ago (before it started acting like this) and I seem to remember him mentioning not to order a new dongle unless I broke or lost mine. Then there would be a recovery process to re-load my licenses on the new dongle. Is this procedure still being used or has it been replaced/updated since then.

A 20 year old dongle? Too young to drink, but too old to work dependably! Yes, replace. You might see a performance improvement