elicenser: The license is dissabled

I’ve got below error message since Sunday in 1 project (which I worked on on Sunday)
the license loads fine in other projects or new projects.
I can’t open this project as Cubase locks up with below message while loading.

Any thought on how to fix this? and WHY? is this only in this project?
I synchronized with the latest elicenser, but it didn’t fix it.
and ofcourse system date is fine.

Have you contacted keilwerth@vengeance-sound.com to see if they can troubleshoot the licensing issue with their plugin?

What specific operating system and version are you running on your computer?

Hi no, didn’t contact them yet.
I’ve had this license for over 3 years
It has always been on this physical elicenser
The elicenser sits in the same usb port for the last 4 years
Currently the daw is win10 x64 1607
Cubase version is 8.5.2 with latest elicenser

The license loads fine in the .bak file or other projects or when added in empty new project.
It seems something is wrong with this specific project file. Since last Sunday when the time changed and plugs got rescanned.

Hello Raphie,

could you please have a look at the time settings in both the OS and BIOS and make sure they match?

That message usually appears if the two dates are different - this usually does not happen on a machine with only one OS, but can occur with dual boot systems. Very strange that it only happens in one project only, though…


I’ll check, it’s REALLY weird, it happens only in one project, i’ve made 3 test files where I saved , no issues, reloaded multiple times. Only this project and about 70% of the time i get this message.
I’ve now reset the mixer and project automation and saved a copy and this version loads fine.
I’m curious if i add multiband sidechain again , if the the error returns.