eLicenser & USB3

Hello. Does anyone else have any serious issues with the eLicenser dongle after doing major hardware upgrades to their PC systems?

I recently built a very high-end/high price Asus-based system and the eLicenser dongle information is now coming and going randomly, restricting my using Wavelab 8.5 and Cubase 7.5. The USB license information is just vanishing, and mostly requires a complete computer shut-down to restore.

Are the eLicenser dongles completely USB3 compatible? It worked fine on my old system! Any other advise would be really appreciated.

Yes, just upgraded to Windows 10 (as well) and eLicenser (latest version) started to freeze on maintenance mode and when scanning for VST plugins in SONAR (latest version). Moving to an old USB2 port seemed to fix this. Looks like an issue with USB3 ports and/or drivers, which is a concern as modern motherboards getting more and more USB3 ports and less USB2 ports as standard. Must admit that this was when connected to a hub on a touch monitor (Dell - ideal location as out of the way from knocks but easy to get at when needing to connect to laptop instead), a combination that had been working fine with Windows 8.1 so some combination of these seem to cause an issue. Have uninstalled/reinstalled and still same issue. Hope a new version of eLicenser will come soon to address this issue.

I just got burned on a new ASUS install as well. Did a fresh install on Win 7 Enterprise to my new ASUS z97-A and had the eLicenser sitting in a USB3 port.

As soon as it was installed - I started getting boot cycles that would last minutes before Windows would come up. As soon as unplugged the eLicenser - everything was fine.

Only today did I realize this key was sitting in a USB 3 port the whole time. Clearly this hardware key is not compliant with the USB 3 standard OR there is an issue with my machine - but this key acted up in any USB 3 port I had it in.

Might be time for Steinberg to get with the program and offered a key that is actually usable via USB 3. USB 2 ports are already starting to diminish on many board I have seen.



No not USB3 complaint, I bought a new dongle 1 year ago just to find out the problem was USB3.

FYI for diagnosis purposes - we use them on usb3 ports on most of our mac workstations and they work fine.

Hi I’m on PC and have the first generation of USB3 controllers, but I haven’t plugged the dongle into the USB3 port since then…

That was a known problem with 1st generation USB3 controllers though, not the fault of the eLicenser.
Not that it matters in your case, it sucks either way :wink:

How exactly do we know if we have “first gen” controller?

This ASUS board is very very new and the dongle still does not work right.


Well my board is 2 years old already, so if having a new board you probably have GEN1, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_3.0 for more info.
As I recall GEN1 has backwards compatible features which should benefit your case over mine.